Starter Solenoid John Deere Lawn Tractors AM108615 MIA11408 TY25238

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112L Briggs & Stratton 1985
160 12.5HP 1986-1988
165 12.5HP 1986-1988
170 Kawasaki 14HP 1989-1990
175 Kawasaki 14HP 1987-1990
180 Kawasaki 17HP 1986-1990
185 Kawasaki 17HP 1986-1990
240 Kawasaki 14HP 1988-1992
245 Kawasaki 14HP 1993-1994
260 Kawasaki 17HP 1988-1991
265 Kawasaki 17HP 1988-1994
285 Kawasaki 18HP 1988-1991
320 Kawasaki 18HP 1992-1994
325 Kawasaki 17HP
325 JD 18HP Gas
335 JD 20HP Gas
345 Yanmar Engines
425 Kawasaki 20HP
445 Kawasaki 22HP Gas
GS25 Kawasaki 12.5HP 1997-2001
GS30 Kawasaki 13HP 1997-2003
GS45 Kawasaki 14HP 1997-2003
GS75 Kawasaki 17HP 1997-2003
GT225 Kohler 16HP
GT235 Kawasaki Engine
GT242 Kawasaki 14HP Gear 1993-1996
GT245 Kawasaki 20HP
GT262 Kawasaki 17HP Gear 1992-1996
GT275 Kawasaki 17HP Hydro 1995-1996
GX255 Kawasaki 20HP
GX325 Kawasaki 18HP
GX335 Kawasaki 20HP Air Cool
GX345 Kawasaki 20HP Liq. Cool
HD45 Kawasaki 14HP 1997-2003
HD75 Kawasaki 17HP 1997-2003
LT190 Kawasaki 18HP
LX172 Kawasaki 14HP Gear 1991-1996
LX173 Kohler 15HP Gear 1996
LX176 Kawasaki 14HP Hydro 1991-1996
LX178 Kawasaki 15HP Hydro 1991-1996
LX186 Kawasaki 17HP Hydro 1991
LX255 Kohler 15HP
LX266 Kohler 16HP
LX277 Kawasaki 17HP Gas
LX280 Kawasaki 18HP
LX280 AWS Kawasaki 18HP
LX288 Kawasaki 18HP
Sabre 1948GV Kohler 19.9HP
Sabre 1948HV Kohler 19.9HP
Sabre 2148HV Kohler 21HP
Sabre 2354HV Kohler 23HP
Sabre 2554HV Kohler 25HP
STX30 Kohler 9HP 1989-1993
STX38 Kohler 12.5HP 1989-1993
X475 Kawasaki 23HP
X485 Kawasaki 25HP
X485AWS Kawasaki 25HP
X575 Kawasaki 23HP
X575 4WD Kawasaki 23HP
X585 Kawasaki 25HP
X585 4WD Kawasaki 25HP


Various Models Kawasaki 14HP
Various Models Kawasaki 12.5HP
Various Models Kawasaki 17HP #010001-On


Type: Switch, Solenoid
Cap Design: Crimped Cap
Mount Type: 2 Hole Mount Stud
Mounting Hole Locations: 03:00, 09:00
OD Body: 50
Plunger Type: Non-Removable
Terminal Battery: M8 x 1.25
Terminal Count: 3 TERM
Terminal Motor: M8 x 1.25
Terminal Switch: MALE SPADE (LH)
Terminal Switch Position: LEFT
Threads Mounting: M6 x 1.0 THD
Volt: 12

Replaces these part numbers:

Delco: 94361908, 94455179, 96060321
Denso: 053400-5180, 053400-7130, 053400-7800, 053400-8510, 053400-8780, 153400-0850
Honda: 31204-679-014
Ishikawajima: 185816300
Isuzu: 8-94361-9080, 8-94455-1790
Kawasaki: 27010-2122
Kubota: 12181-63081
Nissan, Infiniti: 23343-KA040
Suzuki: 31220-51A10, 31220-52A20
Toyota: 28150-10020, 28150-10021, 28150-11710, 28150-11710-71, 28150-11771, 28150-87208

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