Starter Generator Yamaha Golf Cart J10-81100-10-00

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Very important Please Read.

Golf cart starter/generators are very easy to misdiagnose. There are several components on your golf cart that must be working properly in order for you starter/generator to function correctly. We strongly recommend that you have you starter/generator diagnosed by a professional repair shop. One of the most common failures is the external voltage regulator. When the regulator fails, the starter/generator will overcharge and burn up. This condition is not covered by the warranty. In case of a warranty the customer will at their expense send the unit back to us for us for examination. If we determine that the item is not defective the customer will be responsible for the return shipping costs.

This is a Brand New Starter Generator for Yamaha


Golf Cart

1978 G1 – W2-Cycle Engines
1979 G1 – W2-Cycle Engines
1980 G1 – W2-Cycle Engines
1981 G1 – W2-Cycle Engines
1982 G1 – W2-Cycle Engines
1983 G1 – W2-Cycle Engines
1984 G1 – W2-Cycle Engines
1985 G1 – W2-Cycle Engines
1986 G1 – W2-Cycle Engines
1987 G1 – W2-Cycle Engines
1988 G1 – W2-Cycle Engines




OEMs: Yamaha, Hitachi
Voltage: 12V
Amperage: 22A
Rotation: Reversible
Field Hsg OD: 113mm / 4.449in
Overall Length: 246mm / 9.685in
Shaft OD: 17mm / 0.669in
Shaft Notes: With Keyway
Terminal 1 Size: M6-1.0
Terminal 2 Size: M6-1.0
Terminal 3 Size: M6-1.0
Terminal 4 Size: M6-1.0
Approximate Weight: 18.1 lbs / 8.23 kg

Includes Harness With 2 Bullet Terminals

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