Starter For Tecumseh Outdoor Power Equipment LH HM HMSK 70-100 OHM 90-110 HMSK80

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Industrial Applications with Tecumseh Engines

Tecumseh 8, 10 and 12 HP Snow King engines

Tecumseh Engines: HM-70, HM-80, HMSK-80, HMSK-85, HMSK-90, HMSK-100, HMSK-105, HMSK-110, LH-318SA, OH-318SA, OHSK-80, OHSK90, OHSK-100, OHSK-110, OHSK-120, OHSK-125, OHSK-130 and VH-60; for 8, 10

Tecumseh HMSK100-159433W
Tecumseh HMSK100-159471W
Tecumseh HMSK105-159908A
Tecumseh HMSK105-159914B
Tecumseh HMSK110-159954C
Tecumseh HMSK110-159963A
Tecumseh HMSK110-159964A
Tecumseh HMSK110-159968B
Tecumseh HMSK80-155684W
Tecumseh HMSK85-155910C
Tecumseh HMSK90-156533E
Tecumseh HMSK90-156533F
Tecumseh HMSK90-156536E
Tecumseh LH318SA-156576G
Tecumseh LH318SA-156595H
Tecumseh LH358SA-159613A
Tecumseh LH358SA-159620A
Tecumseh LH358SA-159638A
Tecumseh LH358SA-159649A
Tecumseh LH358SA-159660A
Tecumseh OH318SA-221828B
Tecumseh OH318SA-221835B
Tecumseh OHSK110-221719B
Tecumseh OHSK110-221723C
Tecumseh OHSK125-223703A
Tecumseh OHSK125-223704A
Tecumseh OHSK125-223704B
Tecumseh OHSK80-221209C
Tecumseh OHSK90-221413B
Tecumseh OHSK90-221427C


Type: DD
Voltage: 120 Volts
Rotation: CCW
Teeth/Splines: 16 Teeth/Splines
Pinion/Splines OD: 32.4mm / 1.276in
Mounting Hole 1: 6mm ID – Unthreaded
Mounting Hole 2: 6mm ID – Unthreaded
New or Remanufactured: New
Approximate Weight: 6.65 lbs / 3.02 kg

Replaces these part numbers:

CARGO: 112570
OREGON: 33-738
STENS: 435-615
TECUMSEH: 33329, 33329C, 33329D, 33329E, 37000

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