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Starter BMW Motorcycle R100R 12-41-1-244-670

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This is a Brand New Starter for BMW


BMW Powersport – Motorcycle

1991 R100R 980cc
1992 R100R 980cc
1993 R100R 980cc
1994 R100R 980cc
1995 R100R 980cc

Permanent magnet style starter will retrofit older Bosch
field coil starters.

1.2 Kilowatt rating means this starter put outs 70% more cranking
torque with 14% less amperage draw than a Bosch starter.

Old Bosch starter specs (when new) —
0.7 Kilowatt @ 320 amp.

New Starter specs —
1.2 Kilowatt @ 275 amp

New technology design means you get a lighter starter for
weight reduction. Planetary gear reduction increases
cranking torque. More efficient high strength permanent
magnets replace conventional field coils, requiring less
amperage to turn the starter over. This allows the battery
to provide increased voltage and amperage to the ignition
system resulting in faster rpm turnovers and quicker
starts with less amp draw on the battery.


D6RA7, D6RA15


OEM(s): Paris Rhone, Valeo
Type: PMGR
Voltage: 12 Volts
kW: 1.2 kW
Rotation: CW
Teeth/Splines: 9 Teeth/Splines
Pinion/Splines OD: 25.3mm / 0.996in
Mounting Hole 1: M8-1.25 ID Threaded
Mounting Hole 2: M8-1.25 ID Threaded
Approximate Weight: 6.255 lbs / 2.84 kg

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