Rectifier Chevrolet W5500 Tiltmaster 3.9L 1992-1996 LR170-404 LR170-421

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Chevrolet Medium/Heavy Truck

W5500 Tiltmaster Isuzu 3.9L – 4BD2 Engine 1992-1996


Description: Rectifier
OEM(s): Hitachi
Number of Diodes: 6
Diode Amps: 35
Quality: Standard
Stud Size: M5-0.8
Unit Polarity: Negative
Mounting: Rectifier OD
Mounting Distance: 4.646in / 118mm
Diode Type: Button
Includes Brush Holder?: No
Includes Capacitor?: No
Includes Trio?: Yes
Weight: 0.27 lbs / 0.12 kg

Replaces these part numbers:

Hitachi: L160-23202, L160-43202, L170-5320
Nissan, Infiniti: 23232-10G00, 23245-V7200


Delco: 10459464, 50977
GM: 10459448, 94052404
Hitachi: LR170-418, LR170-418B, LR170-418C, LR170-418CN, LR170-420, LR170-420B, LR170-410B, LR170-410R, LR170-402E, LR170-402F, LR170-402, LR170-402B, LR170-402C, LR170-404B, LR170-404C, LR170-404, LR170-421, LR170-421B
Isuzu: 2912760000, 8970237331, 8970417900
Nissan, Infiniti: 23100-54A03, 23100-V7204, 23100-V7205, 23100-54A01, 23100-V7201, 23100-V7202, 23100-V7203, 23100-56C01

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