Rectifier & Regulators

Lawn-garden Rectifier & Regulators does the same thing a regular rectifier does: It converts alternating current to direct current.

The reason you need Lawn-garden Rectifier & Regulators is that the Lawn-garden tractor equipped with an alternator, which is just a device that takes power (in the form of rotation) from the engine and converts it into alternating current (AC). Think of the alternator as a type of generator.

Now AC is a fine source of power for lights, but you can’t feed AC into a battery or into a fuel injection computer and expect it to work.

The Lawn-garden Rectifier & Regulators job is to convert this AC power into Direct Current power so it can be used to charge the Lawn-garden Tractor battery and otherwise power all the 12 volt (DC) devices on your Lawn-garden Tractor (electronics, tachometer, etc.) we sale new replacement regulator/rectifier units for farm tractors and lawn-garden equipment. for Case, Bosch, Ford, International, New Holland, Allis and more.

It’s worth mentioning that generally a rectifier is combined with a voltage regulator, which makes sure the alternator doesn’t generate too much (or too little) power/voltage.

If your alternator were to generate too much voltage it would overcharging the battery, burning out your Lawn-garden Tractor electronics, etc. And if it generated too little your battery would slowly drain (this is the most common failure in a Lawn-garden Rectifier & Regulators)

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