The Ford Motor Company is often attributed to being the purveyors of the modern automobile, which is false. The automobile was invented in Germany by Karl Benz, 18 years before the founding of Ford. The Ford Motor Company, which began in 1903, popularized the modern methods in which cars are produced by introducing the moving assembly line process to America. The moving assembly line, versus the standing assembly line pioneered by Ransom E. Olds’s Olds Motor Vehicle Company (Oldsmobile), made for a more speedy and time-efficient way of mass motor vehicle production. But before the Ford Motor Company became a reality, founder Henry Ford was ousted from his original firm, the Henry Ford Company which, ironically, would later become the Cadillac division of rival General Motors. Using Karl Benz’s engine design and incorporating his assembly line idea, the Ford Motor Company instantly grew into a global success. Ford’s legendary Model T was the first, mass-produced, mass-sold vehicle in America (versus the traditional, hand-built coaches) and Ford would soon go neck-and-neck against the likes of General Motors for sales supremacy. In 1932, Ford introduced the first low-cost car with a V8 engine. This engine was the storied Ford Flathead, a favorite among the newly-formed Hot Rod scene of the day and still, a highly-desired piece amongst retro enthusiasts and modern Hot Rodders. As with the other American automakers of the time, Ford entered the luxury car market by first purchasing Lincoln in 1922 and then creating the Mercury brand in 1939 with the intent of outselling General Motors’ Buick, Oldsmobile, and Cadillac divisions. This ongoing feud between Ford and General Motors would define both companies’ respective places in history. Both Ford and GM would release iconic, brand milestones as response to one another. Ford’s Thunderbird VS. the Chevrolet Corvette, the Mustang VS. the Corvair, the Chevrolet Camaro VS. the Ford Mustang, and the F-Series pickup against GM’s C/K trucks. Their contention spilled onto the racetrack, as well. As the Chevrolet Camaro, Chevelle, and Nova were winning races on the strip, Ford’s GT40 was tearing up road courses across the world and the Mustang was taking checkered flags in SCCA Trans-Am racing. And as the Chevrolet Monte Carlo was racking up wins on the NASCAR circuit, the Ford Galaxie and Torino were there to challenge and steal away victories whenever they could. Today, Ford sits as America’s 2nd-largest automaker and 5th overall in the world. In addition to the iconic Mustang and their famous line of F-Series pickup trucks, Ford produces vehicles for the global market including the popular Focus compact hatchback, Fiesta economy car, and Fusion midsize family car. Shop Discount Starter & Alternator for brand new, OEM-spec, aftermarket replacement starters for vintage and late model Ford automobiles.

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