Alternator Kubota Tractor 15531-64013, 15531-64016

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This is a Brand New Starter for Kubota


KUBOTA OPE & Ag & Industrial

Excavators Kubota

2000 K008 D722 10HP Dsl

2000 K008-3 D722EBH-3 10HP Dsl

1989 KH007 Z430-K1 8.5HP Dsl
1990 KH007 Z430-K1 8.5HP Dsl
1991 KH007 Z430-K1 8.5HP Dsl
1992 KH007 Z430-K1 8.5HP Dsl
1993 KH007 Z430-K1 8.5HP Dsl

1985 KH35 D850BH 13.7HP Dsl

1988 KH41 D950 17.8HP Dsl

1988 KH61 D950BH 22.2HP Dsl

Tractors – Compact Kubota

1988 B1550D D850-5B 17HP Dsl
1989 B1550D D850-5B 17HP Dsl
1990 B1550D D850-5B 17HP Dsl
1991 B1550D D850-5B 17HP Dsl
1992 B1550D D850-5B 17HP Dsl
1993 B1550D D850-5B 17HP Dsl
1994 B1550D D850-5B 17HP Dsl
1995 B1550D D850-5B 17HP Dsl
1996 B1550D D850-5B 17HP Dsl

1988 B1550E D850-5B 17HP Dsl
1989 B1550E D850-5B 17HP Dsl
1990 B1550E D850-5B 17HP Dsl
1991 B1550E D850-5B 17HP Dsl
1992 B1550E D850-5B 17HP Dsl
1993 B1550E D850-5B 17HP Dsl
1994 B1550E D850-5B 17HP Dsl
1995 B1550E D850-5B 17HP Dsl
1996 B1550E D850-5B 17HP Dsl

1990 B20 D950AT 20HP Dsl
1991 B20 D950AT 20HP Dsl
1992 B20 D950AT 20HP Dsl
1993 B20 D950AT 20HP Dsl
1994 B20 D950AT 20HP Dsl
1995 B20 D950AT 20HP Dsl
1996 B20 D950AT 20HP Dsl
1997 B20 D950AT 20HP Dsl
1998 B20 D950AT 20HP Dsl

1990 B20TL D950AT 20HP Dsl
1991 B20TL D950AT 20HP Dsl
1992 B20TL D950AT 20HP Dsl
1993 B20TL D950AT 20HP Dsl
1994 B20TL D950AT 20HP Dsl
1995 B20TL D950AT 20HP Dsl
1996 B20TL D950AT 20HP Dsl
1997 B20TL D950AT 20HP Dsl
1998 B20TL D950AT 20HP Dsl

1983 B5200DT D750 13HP Dsl
1984 B5200DT D750 13HP Dsl
1985 B5200DT D750 13HP Dsl
1986 B5200DT D750 13HP Dsl
1987 B5200DT D750 13HP Dsl
1988 B5200DT D750 13HP Dsl
1989 B5200DT D750 13HP Dsl
1990 B5200DT D750 13HP Dsl
1991 B5200DT D750 13HP Dsl
1992 B5200DT D750 13HP Dsl
1993 B5200DT D750 13HP Dsl
1994 B5200DT D750 13HP Dsl
1995 B5200DT D750 13HP Dsl
1996 B5200DT D750 13HP Dsl

1983 B5200E D750 13HP Dsl
1984 B5200E D750 13HP Dsl
1985 B5200E D750 13HP Dsl
1986 B5200E D750 13HP Dsl
1987 B5200E D750 13HP Dsl
1988 B5200E D750 13HP Dsl
1989 B5200E D750 13HP Dsl
1990 B5200E D750 13HP Dsl
1991 B5200E D750 13HP Dsl
1992 B5200E D750 13HP Dsl
1993 B5200E D750 13HP Dsl
1994 B5200E D750 13HP Dsl
1995 B5200E D750 13HP Dsl

1983 B6200DT D850-5B 15HP Dsl
1984 B6200DT D850-5B 15HP Dsl
1985 B6200DT D850-5B 15HP Dsl
1986 B6200DT D850-5B 15HP Dsl
1987 B6200DT D850-5B 15HP Dsl
1988 B6200DT D850-5B 15HP Dsl
1989 B6200DT D850-5B 15HP Dsl
1990 B6200DT D850-5B 15HP Dsl
1991 B6200DT D850-5B 15HP Dsl
1992 B6200DT D850-5B 15HP Dsl
1993 B6200DT D850-5B 15HP Dsl
1994 B6200DT D850-5B 15HP Dsl

1983 B6200E D850-5B 15HP Dsl
1984 B6200E D850-5B 15HP Dsl
1985 B6200E D850-5B 15HP Dsl
1986 B6200E D850-5B 15HP Dsl
1987 B6200E D850-5B 15HP Dsl
1988 B6200E D850-5B 15HP Dsl
1989 B6200E D850-5B 15HP Dsl
1990 B6200E D850-5B 15HP Dsl
1991 B6200E D850-5B 15HP Dsl
1992 B6200E D850-5B 15HP Dsl
1993 B6200E D850-5B 15HP Dsl
1994 B6200E D850-5B 15HP Dsl

1983 B6200HSD D850-5B 15HP Dsl
1984 B6200HSD D850-5B 15HP Dsl
1985 B6200HSD D850-5B 15HP Dsl
1986 B6200HSD D850-5B 15HP Dsl
1987 B6200HSD D850-5B 15HP Dsl
1988 B6200HSD D850-5B 15HP Dsl
1989 B6200HSD D850-5B 15HP Dsl
1990 B6200HSD D850-5B 15HP Dsl
1991 B6200HSD D850-5B 15HP Dsl
1992 B6200HSD D850-5B 15HP Dsl
1993 B6200HSD D850-5B 15HP Dsl
1994 B6200HSD D850-5B 15HP Dsl

1983 B6200HSDT D850-5B 15HP Dsl
1984 B6200HSDT D850-5B 15HP Dsl
1985 B6200HSDT D850-5B 15HP Dsl
1986 B6200HSDT D850-5B 15HP Dsl
1987 B6200HSDT D850-5B 15HP Dsl
1988 B6200HSDT D850-5B 15HP Dsl
1989 B6200HSDT D850-5B 15HP Dsl
1990 B6200HSDT D850-5B 15HP Dsl
1991 B6200HSDT D850-5B 15HP Dsl
1992 B6200HSDT D850-5B 15HP Dsl
1993 B6200HSDT D850-5B 15HP Dsl
1994 B6200HSDT D850-5B 15HP Dsl

1983 B6200HSE D850-5B 15HP Dsl
1984 B6200HSE D850-5B 15HP Dsl
1985 B6200HSE D850-5B 15HP Dsl
1986 B6200HSE D850-5B 15HP Dsl
1987 B6200HSE D850-5B 15HP Dsl
1988 B6200HSE D850-5B 15HP Dsl
1989 B6200HSE D850-5B 15HP Dsl
1990 B6200HSE D850-5B 15HP Dsl
1991 B6200HSE D850-5B 15HP Dsl
1992 B6200HSE D850-5B 15HP Dsl
1993 B6200HSE D850-5B 15HP Dsl
1994 B6200HSE D850-5B 15HP Dsl

1983 B6200HST D850-5B 15HP Dsl
1984 B6200HST D850-5B 15HP Dsl
1985 B6200HST D850-5B 15HP Dsl
1986 B6200HST D850-5B 15HP Dsl
1987 B6200HST D850-5B 15HP Dsl
1988 B6200HST D850-5B 15HP Dsl
1989 B6200HST D850-5B 15HP Dsl
1990 B6200HST D850-5B 15HP Dsl
1991 B6200HST D850-5B 15HP Dsl
1992 B6200HST D850-5B 15HP Dsl
1993 B6200HST D850-5B 15HP Dsl
1994 B6200HST D850-5B 15HP Dsl

1983 B6200T D850-5B 15HP Dsl
1984 B6200T D850-5B 15HP Dsl
1985 B6200T D850-5B 15HP Dsl
1986 B6200T D850-5B 15HP Dsl
1987 B6200T D850-5B 15HP Dsl
1988 B6200T D850-5B 15HP Dsl
1989 B6200T D850-5B 15HP Dsl
1990 B6200T D850-5B 15HP Dsl
1991 B6200T D850-5B 15HP Dsl
1992 B6200T D850-5B 15HP Dsl
1993 B6200T D850-5B 15HP Dsl
1994 B6200T D850-5B 15HP Dsl

2005 B7410DT-F D782-E 18HP Dsl

2005 B7410DT-R D782-E 18HP Dsl

1981 B8200DT D950 19HP Dsl
1982 B8200DT D950 19HP Dsl
1983 B8200DT D950 19HP Dsl
1984 B8200DT D950 19HP Dsl
1985 B8200DT D950 19HP Dsl
1986 B8200DT D950 19HP Dsl
1987 B8200DT D950 19HP Dsl
1988 B8200DT D950 19HP Dsl
1989 B8200DT D950 19HP Dsl
1990 B8200DT D950 19HP Dsl

1981 B8200E D950 19HP Dsl
1982 B8200E D950 19HP Dsl
1983 B8200E D950 19HP Dsl
1984 B8200E D950 19HP Dsl
1985 B8200E D950 19HP Dsl
1986 B8200E D950 19HP Dsl
1987 B8200E D950 19HP Dsl
1988 B8200E D950 19HP Dsl
1989 B8200E D950 19HP Dsl
1990 B8200E D950 19HP Dsl

1983 B8200HSD D950 19HP Dsl
1984 B8200HSD D950 19HP Dsl
1985 B8200HSD D950 19HP Dsl
1986 B8200HSD D950 19HP Dsl
1987 B8200HSD D950 19HP Dsl
1988 B8200HSD D950 19HP Dsl
1989 B8200HSD D950 19HP Dsl
1990 B8200HSD D950 19HP Dsl

1983 B8200HSE D950 19HP Dsl
1984 B8200HSE D950 19HP Dsl
1985 B8200HSE D950 19HP Dsl
1986 B8200HSE D950 19HP Dsl
1987 B8200HSE D950 19HP Dsl
1988 B8200HSE D950 19HP Dsl
1989 B8200HSE D950 19HP Dsl
1990 B8200HSE D950 19HP Dsl

1983 B8200HST D950 19HP Dsl
1984 B8200HST D950 19HP Dsl
1985 B8200HST D950 19HP Dsl
1986 B8200HST D950 19HP Dsl
1987 B8200HST D950 19HP Dsl
1988 B8200HST D950 19HP Dsl
1989 B8200HST D950 19HP Dsl
1990 B8200HST D950 19HP Dsl

1987 B9200DT V1200-A 22.5HP Dsl
1988 B9200DT V1200-A 22.5HP Dsl
1989 B9200DT V1200-A 22.5HP Dsl
1990 B9200DT V1200-A 22.5HP Dsl

1987 B9200E V1200-A 22.5HP Dsl
1988 B9200E V1200-A 22.5HP Dsl
1989 B9200E V1200-A 22.5HP Dsl
1990 B9200E V1200-A 22.5HP Dsl

1987 B9200HSD V1200-A 22.5HP Dsl
1988 B9200HSD V1200-A 22.5HP Dsl
1989 B9200HSD V1200-A 22.5HP Dsl
1990 B9200HSD V1200-A 22.5HP Dsl

1987 B9200HSE V1200-A 22.5HP Dsl
1988 B9200HSE V1200-A 22.5HP Dsl
1989 B9200HSE V1200-A 22.5HP Dsl
1990 B9200HSE V1200-A 22.5HP Dsl

Tractors – Garden Kubota

1989 G1800 D662 16HP Dsl
1990 G1800 D662 16HP Dsl
1991 G1800 D662 16HP Dsl
1992 G1800 D662 16HP Dsl
1993 G1800 D662 16HP Dsl
1994 G1800 D662 16HP Dsl
1995 G1800 D662 16HP Dsl

1989 G1800S D662 16HP Dsl
1990 G1800S D662 16HP Dsl
1991 G1800S D662 16HP Dsl
1992 G1800S D662 16HP Dsl
1993 G1800S D662 16HP Dsl
1994 G1800S D662 16HP Dsl
1995 G1800S D662 16HP Dsl

1989 G1900 D722 18HP Dsl
1990 G1900 D722 18HP Dsl
1991 G1900 D722 18HP Dsl
1992 G1900 D722 18HP Dsl
1993 G1900 D722 18HP Dsl
1994 G1900 D722 18HP Dsl
1995 G1900 D722 18HP Dsl

1989 G2000 WG750-G 21HP Gas
1990 G2000 WG750-G 21HP Gas
1991 G2000 WG750-G 21HP Gas
1992 G2000 WG750-G 21HP Gas
1993 G2000 WG750-G 21HP Gas
1994 G2000 WG750-G 21HP Gas
1995 G2000 WG750-G 21HP Gas

1983 G3200 Z400 10HP Dsl
1984 G3200 Z400 10HP Dsl
1985 G3200 Z400 10HP Dsl
1986 G3200 Z400 10HP Dsl
1987 G3200 Z400 10HP Dsl
1988 G3200 Z400 10HP Dsl
1989 G3200 Z400 10HP Dsl
1990 G3200 Z400 10HP Dsl

1984 G4200H Z430 12HP Dsl
1985 G4200H Z430 12HP Dsl
1986 G4200H Z430 12HP Dsl
1987 G4200H Z430 12HP Dsl
1988 G4200H Z430 12HP Dsl
1989 G4200H Z430 12HP Dsl
1990 G4200H Z430 12HP Dsl

1984 G5200H D600 14HP Dsl
1985 G5200H D600 14HP Dsl
1986 G5200H D600 14HP Dsl
1987 G5200H D600 14HP Dsl
1988 G5200H D600 14HP Dsl
1989 G5200H D600 14HP Dsl
1990 G5200H D600 14HP Dsl

1986 G6200H D640 16HP Dsl
1987 G6200H D640 16HP Dsl
1988 G6200H D640 16HP Dsl
1989 G6200H D640 16HP Dsl
1990 G6200H D640 16HP Dsl

Tractors – Sub Compact Kubota

2003 BX1500D Z602E

2001 BX1800D D722E-BX 18HP Dsl
2002 BX1800D D722E-BX 18HP Dsl
2003 BX1800D D722E-BX 18HP Dsl

2004 BX1830D D722E-BX 18HP Dsl
2005 BX1830D D722E-BX 18HP Dsl
2006 BX1830D D722E-BX 18HP Dsl

2002 BX22 D905E-BX 22HP Dsl
2003 BX22 D905E-BX 22HP Dsl

2001 BX2200D D905E-BX 22HP Dsl
2002 BX2200D D905E-BX 22HP Dsl
2003 BX2200D D905E-BX 22HP Dsl

2004 BX2230D D902E-BX 22HP Dsl
2005 BX2230D D902E-BX 22HP Dsl
2006 BX2230D D902E-BX 22HP Dsl

2004 BX23LB D905E-BX 22HP Dsl
2005 BX23LB D905E-BX 22HP Dsl


15531-64013, 15531-64016, 15531-64017,
6C040-59250, 6C040-59252, EG673-64010

Voltage:12 Volts
Amps:14 Amps
Approximate Weight:3.12 lbs / 1.42 kg

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