Alternator Toyota 1986 Lift Trucks 5FD-20 1Z Engine 27070-23060-71 olts

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This is a Brand New Aftermarket Alternator Fits Toyota


Toyota Ag & Industrial

1986 5FD-20 1Z Engine
1987 5FD-20 1Z Engine
1988 5FD-20 1Z Engine

1986 5FD-23 1Z Engine
1987 5FD-23 1Z Engine
1988 5FD-23 1Z Engine

1986 5FD-25 1Z Engine
1987 5FD-25 1Z Engine
1988 5FD-25 1Z Engine

1986 5FD-28 1Z Engine
1987 5FD-28 1Z Engine
1988 5FD-28 1Z Engine

1986 5FD-30 1Z Engine
1987 5FD-30 1Z Engine
1988 5FD-30 1Z Engine

1988 5FD-38 11Z Engine
1988 5FD-40 11Z Engine
1988 5FD-45 11Z Engine



100211-4190, 100211-4191

OEM(s):Nippondenso, Toyota
Voltage: 24 Volts
Amps: 25 Amps
Polarity: Negative

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