Alternator John Deere RE509648, RE529377, SE501831

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This is a Brand New Alternator fits John Deere


JOHN DEERE Ag & Industrial


2004 244J JD 2.4L 59HP Diesel
2004 304J JD 3.1L 73HP Diesel

Skid Steer Loaders

2007 313 JD 4024T 49HP Engine
2007 315 JD 4024T 49HP Engine

2000 325 JD 5030T 70HP Engine
2001 325 JD 5030T 70HP Engine
2002 325 JD 5030T 70HP Engine
2003 325 JD 5030T 70HP Engine
2004 325 JD 5030T 70HP Engine

2005 328 JD 5030TW 76HP Engine
2005 332 JD 5030HW 85HP Engine

Track Loaders

CT315 JD 2.4L 49HP Diesel
CT322 JD 2.4L 66HP Diesel
CT332 JD 3.1L 82HP Diesel

Tractors – Farm

2008 5065M John Deere 3.0L 65HP Engine
2008 5075M John Deere 3.0L 75HP Engine
2008 5085M John Deere 4.5L 85HP Engine
2008 5095M John Deere 4.5L 95HP Engine
2008 5095MH John Deere 4.5L 95HP Engine
2008 5101EN John Deere 4.5L 101HP Engine
2008 5105M John Deere 4.5L 105HP Engine

5225 JD PowerTech 56HP Engine
5325 JD PowerTech 67HP Engine
5325N JD PowerTech 67HP Engine
5425 JD PowerTech 81HP Engine
5425N JD PowerTech 81HP Engine
5525 JD PowerTech 91HP Engine
5525N JD PowerTech 91HP Engine

Tractors – Utility

2004 4120 JD 4024T 43HP Dsl
2004 4320 JD 4024T 48HP Dsl
2004 4520 JD 4024T 60HP Dsl
2004 4720 JD 4024T 66HP Dsl

5065M JD PT 3.05L 65HP Dsl
5075M JD PT 3.05L 75HP Dsl
5085M JD PT 4.5L 85HP Dsl
5095M JD PT 4.5L 95HP Dsl
5105M JD PT 4.5L 105HP Dsl
6100D JD PT 4.5L 98.9HP Dsl
6110D JD PT 4.5L 106HP Dsl
6115D JD PT 4.5L 118.4HP Dsl
6125D JD PT 4.5L 123HP Dsl
6130D JD PT 4.5L 129.8HP Dsl
6140D JD PT 4.5L 137.8HP Dsl




RE509648, RE529377, SE501831

OEM(s): Bosch
Voltage: 12 Volts
Amps: 70 Amps
Regulator Position: 1:00
Polarity: Negative
Output Stud Dimensions: M8-1.25
Reg. Location: Internal
Fan Location: Internal
Approximate Weight: 13 lbs / 5.91 kg

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