olt Starter For Renault Couach RC240DTS 1970-On Inboard/Stern 5000806878

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Mercedes-Benz Heavy Duty
1932AK Cummins ISM 10.8L 1973-1983

Renault Couach Engine – Marine
RC240DTS 1970-On

Droegmoeller Bus
E Series MB-OM422.901A, 14.6L 1980
E Series MB-OM422.901A, 15.0L 1980

Kaessbohrer Bus
Setra MB-OM401, 9.6L 1976-1996
Setra MB-OM402, 12.8L 1976-1996
Setra MB-OM402, 13.0L 1976-1980
Setra MB-OM403, 16.0L 1976-1996
Setra MB-OM407H, 11.0L 1983-1985
Setra MB-OM407H, 12.0L 1983-1985
Setra MB-OM407HA, 12.0L 1983-1985
Setra MB-OM421.900, 11.0L 1980-1996
Setra MB-OM421A, 11.0L 1985-1996
Setra MB-OM422.900, 14.6L 1980-1996
Setra MB-OM422.900, 15.0L 1980-1983
Setra MB-OM422.901A, 14.6L 1980-1996
Setra MB-OM422.901A, 15.0L 1980-1983
Setra MB-OM422.901A, 15.0L 1985
Setra MB-OM427H, 12.0L 1985
Setra MB-OM427HA, 12.0L 1985


Description: Starter
Family: Bosch KB
Voltage: 24
Power: 6.6kW / 8.84HP
Condition: New
Rotation: CW
Starter Type: DD
Number of Teeth: 9
Gear OD: 1.327in / 33.7mm
Mtg Ear 1 Hole: 13.0mm Unthreaded
Mtg Ear 2 Hole: 13.0mm Unthreaded
Mtg Ear 3 Hole: 13.0mm Unthreaded

Replaces these part numbers:

Bosch: 0 001 411 009
Elpar Industries: 010403654
Letrika (Iskra): 11.139.032
Letrika (Iskra) Sales: IS 0130, IS 9032
Letrika (Iskra) Tech.: AZK5191
Liebherr: 600-03-09, 610-40-80
Mercedes-Benz:L 001-151-97-01
Prestolite: 860506GB
Renault: 5000806878
Stratoline: 80-18375

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