Generator Volkswagen Karmann Ghia 1.5L 1967-1969 / 1.6L 1970-1973

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Porsche Car

912 H4 1.6L 1582cc 96cid 1969
912 H4 1.6L 1582cc 97cid 1969

Volkswagen Car

Beetle H4 1.5L 1457cc 92cid 1967-1969
Beetle H4 1.5L 1493cc 91cid 1967-1969
Beetle H4 1.6L 1584cc 97cid 1970-1974

Karmann Ghia H4 1.5L 1457cc 92cid 1967-1969
Karmann Ghia H4 1.5L 1493cc 91cid 1967-1969
Karmann Ghia H4 1.6L 1584cc 97cid 1970-1973

Thing H4 1.6L 1584cc 97cid 1973-1974

Volkswagen Van

Transporter H4 1.5L 1457cc 92cid 1967
Transporter H4 1.5L 1493cc 91cid 1967
Transporter H4 1.6L 1584cc 97cid 1968


Description: Generator
OEM(s): Bosch, Porsche, Volkswagen
Voltage: 12
Amps: 30
OD: 4.079in / 103.6mm
Shaft OD: 0.591in / 15mm
Length: 10.236in / 260mm
Terminal 1 Size: M5-0.8
Terminal 2 Size: M5-0.8
Shaft: M12-1.5 Threaded

Double Shafted
DF & D+ Terminals

Replaces these part numbers:

Audi, Volkswagen: 113-903-031G, 113-903-031K, 113-903-031M, 113-903-031P

Bosch: 0-101-302-085, 0-101-302-086, 0-101-302-087, 0-101-302-111, 0-101-302-112,
0-101-302-116, 0-101-302-117, 0-101-302-118, 9-100-082-009

Porsche: 616-603-112-00

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